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Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy: Everything You should Know

Dallas' one of the lowest-carrier operators, Southwest Airlines, can fly to more than 100 destinations. These destinations can be inclusive of cities like Albuquerque. While you also plan to fly with it to such cities, you should know that Southwest Airlines has developed a baggage policy for its travelers. This policy contains a set of rules for bringing a limited number, size, and weight of bags on its flight. With respect to this, the policy rules may be different for specific countries or cities. Hence, when you are traveling via Southwest Airlines from Albuquerque, Ontario, and other cities, this policy can be of great help. 

Knowing Southwest Airlines' baggage policy guidelines and limitations is essential for a hassle-free flight. This blog post will include all the essential details about the checked, carry-on, and excess baggage limitations of Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Carry-on Allowance

Carry-on allowance refers to the hand luggage taken with you inside a flight. Southwest Airlines enables the flyers to bring just a single carry-on bag with a suitcase on its flights. The size dimensions of the Southwest carry-on items should be within 10 x 16 x 24 inches. If the carry-on is found to have a larger size than this, then you need to check that bag at the airport gate. However, when checking two bags for carry-on, an extra set of fees can apply for the same.

Talking about weight, it is important to maintain the baggage kilograms as per the policy rules of Southwest. Southwest carry-on weight limit for its items must be no more than 23 kilograms. For Business and First Class passengers, the same weight limit applies. 

Let us see what carry-on items are allowed to take by the flyers on this airline that comply with these limits:


  • Handbags
  • Baby cereals
  • Purses
  • Baby food
  • Wipes
  • Blankets
  • Pillowcases
  • Certain medicines
  • Shoes
  • Perishable items
  • Clothes
  • Jackets
  • Baby car seat
  • Assistive devices
  • Baby carrier
  • Laptop
  • e-Cigarettes
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Reading materials
  • Camera

Baggage Allowance for Checked Items on Southwest Airlines

Passengers can be eager to know how many free bags on Southwest Airlines can be provided to them on the flight. Southwest Airlines is among the selected airlines that offer a free bag check service to all customers. This airline allows customers to travel with up to two baggage weighing no more than 50 pounds. The bags' total dimensions, including length, breadth, and height, cannot exceed 62 inches. 

According to Southwest Airlines baggage weight allowance laws, if you carry three or more bags of more than 50 pounds as checked luggage, then you may be required to pay additional costs.

Baggage Fees for Overweight/Oversized Items Onboard with Southwest Airlines

The luggage that is larger and heavier than the allowed dimensions and weight is deemed overweight/oversized by the airline. It may not be an uncommon situation for a passenger to carry overweight or oversized luggage at Southwest Airlines. 

You may be charged baggage fees by Southwest Airlines if your luggage exceeds the overall size dimensions of more than 62 inches. This cost can be paid directly at the Southwest Terminal of Ontario if you are flying from Canada. You can also pay at the airport during check-in, or at the kiosk desk for these or other locations. Also, you may check with the airline before paying the Southwest luggage costs because they may vary depending on the route you pick.

The following are the costs that can be paid for taking overweight items on board:



Fees Applicable

Luggage size over 62 inches


Weight of luggage beyond 50 lbs


Luggage comprising 10 or more bags


Excess Baggage Regulations at Southwest Airlines

Some passengers may wish to pack additional baggage while traveling with Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines baggage allotment restrictions are clear when it comes to luggage that violates the number of bags limits.

Passengers traveling with Southwest should follow these guidelines when planning to carry excess baggage:


  • You will not be permitted to bring more luggage for free on your journey, other than the checked items.
  • Additional baggage fees may be charged if you bring more than one product on board as your Southwest carry-on items.

Tip: To avoid extra baggage fees, always use the online calculator tool of the airline and weigh your bags using a luggage scale prior to your flight.

To Summarize

Pertaining to the rules of Southwest baggage policy can be easy regarding its checked and carry-on bags. As this airline enables its customers to bring free checked bags in certain instances, the journey can be hassle-free and cost-saving as well. 

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