Digital Marketing & Video Production Services

Welcome to the BARK BARK Academy.Chwawa's Premium Ghostwriting Services!

We help you craft compelling offers & narratives that provides more information for the customer or solves a problems to become more engaged with the product or service offered and more likely to purchase.

Ghostwriting Social Media Accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

Starting at: $5,000 per month for 1-2 Tweets per day and 1 Thread per week.

$10,000+ per month for 2-4 Tweets per day and 2-3 Threads per week

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Ghostwriting Thought Leadership Articles

Starting at: $5000 per 800-word article

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Ghostwriting Keynote Speeches

Starting at: $5,000 per speech.

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Ghostwriting Startup Pitches & Pitch Decks

Starting at: $5,000 per pitch deck.

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Ghostwriting Educational Email Courses

Starting at: $5,000+ per email course.

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Ghostwriting Landing Pages

Starting at: $10,000+ per landing page.

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Ghostwriting Video Scripts

Starting at: $5,000+ per Video Script

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Ghostwriting Video Production

Starting at: $10,000+ per Video Production

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Ghostwriting Books & eBooks

Starting at: $10,000+ per book & ebook

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Unlocking the Power of AI: Transform Your Audience Building Strategies

Explore how AI-driven audience building revolutionizes digital marketing...

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